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My Story

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Narrative is everything…

As I’ve grown older I've come to realise that narrative is everything. Within a story you can find truth, peace, love and also war, hate, revenge. An action scene, a love scene, a moment of drama becomes meaningless without a narrative driving it forwards.

Whatever project I work on I strive to find the story. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, but some people need a little help in the telling.

For the past few years I have crafted trailers for computer games, written and directed short films and documentaries, as well as commercials for toys and books.

It all started with comedy...

I began making short comedy sketches with two other friends and as our ideas grew so did our need to learn what we where actually doing. I started to learn as much as I could about all the different types and technicalities  of film-making.

Further on I started doing small video adverts and projects for local businesses until I secured a freelance job with Hitachi power tools and a job with the NHS. I then joined the video team at a computer games company creating all sorts of trailers and behind the scenes content. After a few months I was promoted to a senior role and helped write scripts and create all our content. 

I now work as a Director / Editor on a variety of exciting and diverse projects for YouTube, TV and film.